Our FAT License keys

Designed to add Flexibility in a Multi-platform World

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At InterACTIVE we see a Spectrum of Customers from Single platform users to
intensive multi-platform users. Our FAT-license scheme is therefore designed
to achive a Flexible pricing structure to fit this world ...

    - Thin      Keys      Enable One Platform Package - of your choise
     - Dual-Fat Keys    Enable Two Platform Packages - of your choise.
     - Quad-Fat Keys    Enable All Platform Packages

     - All LicenseKeys are Floating Network licenses ...
     - All LicenseKeys Count users Only on the Platforms they Enable ...

To obtain the best price, we suggest that:

- Single Platform users - Buy One Thin Key sized after all Users
- Symmetric Cross-platform users - Buy One Fat-Key sized after all User Boxes
- Asymmetric Cross-platform users. - Buy Multiple Thin-Keys sized pr. Platform
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